After record Pele, King Leo Seven Challenges Must Pass It

Lionel Messi must pass seven new challenge after beating the record of Pele. If able to exceed 7 record, The Number 10 Barcelona and Argentina, may not need the World Cup to be called as the world's best players of all time. Than anyone of any age. He must pass a record of Alfredo Di Stefano, Gerd Muller, Cesar Rodriguez, Vivian Woodward, the peraup Golden Boot, the Champions League top scorer, and the Argentina legend, Diego Maradona.

El Clasico 2012: Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo Fuel 'Who's Better?' Fire

El Clásico 2012 started as a match between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

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It ended as a shootout between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The La Liga clubs’ seventh contest of the 2012-13 campaign concluded in a 2-2 draw, but the story of the game wasn’t its outcome. It was the show put on by Messi and Ronaldo.

Lionel Messi vs. Cristiano Ronaldo: El Clasico Doesn't Solve Massive Debate

Everyone has a favorite in the Lionel Messi versus CR7 debate, and Sunday's El Clasico contest isn't going to help anyone reach a rightful conclusion.

Both iconic attackers notched a brace, putting their goal scoring skills on amazing, and equal, display.

Types of Passes

Previous Futsal and Football passing once wrote an article about futsal, yes this time Futsal and Football will give a little information and tips about the type of passing football

The Through ball

A through ball is a pass made into space in which a team-mate runs onto the ball.

For this type of pass to work, the player needs to make the run into open space whilst the passer has to be able to execute the pass into space.

The One Two Pass

The one two pass, also known as the give-and go, is used a lot in modern day soccer games. Its quick, decisive and very effective for beating defenders and creating space for yourself. Like any other skii or technique, it takes practice to master this type of pass. Once you have practiced it, you will be able to use it effectively on the pitch in a real game sutuation.

This pass is very simple to perform. When you are in possession of the ball, and a defender is standing right in front of you, getting ready to tackle you, you have a few choices. You can either try to dribble past him or play a pass. Taking on a defender is a much riskier tactic and a much safer route would be to play a pass. Look up and find a team-mate who is relatively close and play a short simple pass to feet.

The Lofted Pass

The lofted Pass or long pass is when a player knocks the ball into the air over their opponents heads and to their team-mate. Long passes usually cover greater distances than the side-footed pass. It is ideal for counter attacking, catching the defence off gaurd and switching sides of play.
To perform a long pass, try to strike the ball with the top of your foot with the instep. Strike from the bottom of the ball upwards, this will send the ball flying through the air.

Side Foot Pass

The side foot pass is the most common and easiest pass to perform. It is highly effective and very accurate.

The non-striking foot should be level with the ball. Strike the ball with the inside of your other foot. Adjust weight and direction of pass depending on how far and where your team mate is.

Football - Passing

Previous Futsal and Football Area once wrote an article about passing futsal, yeah this time Futsal and Football Area will give a little information and tips on passing the football.

One of the most important things to know is soccer passing. Everyone likes to see great dribbling skills, long range shots and flying headers but all professionals know that in order to make this all happen, you need to know how to pass the ball. Most players, when they receive the ball, will think about passing to an open team-mate. Good soccer passing requires good technique and involves making the right decision at the right time.

Techniques Goalkeeping

Hey guys Futsal and Football Area, this time Futsal and Football Area will provide a quiet little goalkeeper, Yeah probably goalkeeper rarely talked about, this time in this post Futsal and Football Area will provide some tips for you all..

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